July 2017

Department stores were once places of wonderment and purveyors of latest fashions, discoveries of treasures from around the world and must go social meeting places. They became iconic establishments within any community, often defining a city or a towns landscape and its centre of all retail activity. Ian Caulder, Founder and Director, discusses how these pivotal beacons in retail are now being challenged.


May 2017

As we all know, the retail landscape is radically changing. There is a big cultural shift with an increased appetite for wellness – lifestyle experiences designed to recharge, revitalise and improve well-being. Self-actualisation over stuff is shaping our high-street. This is revolutionising how brands do business and how they connect with their consumers in their physical environments.


April 2017

Design Director Charlotte Corbett talks about the challenge for brands in a world where customers are empowered by digital devices with access to more brands than ever before. In a world of intense connectivity relationships are key, as interactions become more digitised, unlocking a coherent, genuine emotional brand essence is ever more important.


March 2017

We design with the customer in mind, translating stories into powerful ways to establish a personal and human connection. Design Director Charlotte Corbett talks about the importance of brand purpose in gaining cut through and stand out in an overpopulated and saturated brand landscape.


February 2017

Gen Z are set to becoming one of the biggest disruptive forces in retail over the next 5 years, and by 2020 will be the largest group of consumers worldwide. In this report we look at 6 ways Gen Z will change our world, and how we as brands and businesses must adapt to this new breed of consumer.


January 2017

In a complex, uncertain world with an increasing escalation of choice, brand trust is more important than ever. Founder and Director Irene Maguire discusses how to build value in a brand through establishing emotional engagement with customers. 


December 2016

It has been a busy year here at Caulder Moore plenty of new projects and a brand new website to show it all off. To celebrate we bring you our 12 days of key trend highlights from 2016.


October 2016

It is now a necessity for retailers to make sure their stores are delivering that instant impact, and convince shoppers that they are worth investing in. We take a look at the future of retail and what brands need to do to secure their future in the increasingly competitive retail market.


September 2016

Instagram is king of the mobile display world and is now the fastest growing social network with 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. It is the new visual pulse on the world and can’t be ignored. Associate Brand Director Charlotte Corbett talks about the impact of social media in branding and how important it is to be a brand with purpose.


August 2016

Maria Correia our creative director gave a presentation at Pure London on July 26th which explored the Millennial generation and how they are changing the fashion landscape. In this month’s insight piece we share some of her insights and how these can be applied to target this ever growing and engaged target consumer.


July 2016

Drawing key insights from our recent event with Kate Nightingale, founder of Style Psychology Ltd, we share how brands and businesses can develop their in-store customer experience for retail success. 


June 2016

With the recent flood of US casual dining brands crossing the water to the UK, Laurence Pugh, Associate Design Director at Caulder Moore interviewed Tim Lowther MD at Smashburger to talk about his experience and his latest successful launch.


April 2016

Irene Maguire, our director, attended the recent World Retail Congress in Dubai. Here she shares some edited highlights and projected trends in international retail.


March 2016

Maria Correia our creative director recently gave a presentation at Retail Design Expo with Ivan Nanton Martinez, visual marketing director at European clothing brand Springfield, to look at targeting Millennials and what makes them tick. Here we share some insights to think about when reaching out to this important audience.  


March 2016

Maria Correia, our creative director, looks at how the Nordic attitude to life is influencing brands and consumers. Across everything we do and see, from the furniture that surrounds us to the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, and to how we manage our resources and possessions.






January 2016

Brand collaborations, the rise of athleisure, niche fitness models, experience-led concepts or even millennials obsession with food, are all themes discussed here by our director Irene Maguire, in our first Insight piece of 2016.


November 2015

Ian Caulder, our executive creative director is just back from a recent research trip to Tokyo, prowling around to discover those secret gems away from the big multi-brand luxury boulevards and tourist highways.We hope you will be inspired to take a trip for yourself.


October 2015

Irene Maguire our co-founder is fresh back from a trip to Rome for the World Retail Congress and has some headline trends and retail findings to share...


July 2015

Agathe Barbier our marketing manager looks at how retail is reinventing itself in
the face of a much more resourceful and savvy, but demanding customer. 


June 2015

Has fine dining as we know it's had its finest hour? Ian Caulder our
Creative Director explores the changes affecting the restaurant scene as a new generation of consumer shakes things up.


March 2015

Paul Souber loves London shops – but not in the same way as most of us who browse the capital’s retail scene. He’s head of Central London Retail Agency at property consultancy giant, Colliers International, and for more than 20 years he’s been bringing brands and landlords together to create fantastic shopping experiences.

We asked him what the future has in store for London’s shop-till-you-drop culture...


December 2014

Our Creative Director Ian Caulder has just come back from New York and shares his inspiration and findings of the latest hot spots and trends in their retail landscape. His top 10 places to see give the perfect shopping, lifestyle and design guide from a creative’s view of the city.


June 2014

We worked together with Jonathon Swaine, Marketing Director at Fuller's, to create a brand experience in a travel environment and bring London's Pride to life airside in the new terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. The aim was to offer the Fuller's experience in a place that is very different from the pub on the street corner. 

Here he talks about the challenges, lessons and insights gained for the project, and its successful launch this month...