National Burger Day

To kick off our National Burger day here at the studio we asked the team their top 5 burgers from around the UK, warning: serious burger cravings may ensue.

1. Meat Liquor - Halloumi Mushroom Burger

Those who say a veggie burger isn't a real burger will be converted after trying this beast from Meat Liquor. Lavished with oodles of mushrooms and big hunks of halloumi, this burger ticks all those juicy, burgery boxes, and is some of your 5 a day too (kind of?)

2. Annie's Burger Shack - The Bacon Blues

It is wise before embarking on the mission that is an Annie's Burger Shack burger to not eat for at least 5 hours before, maybe even a day that's how big these burgers are. Supersized, and packed full of flavour, it is worth the trip to Nottingham just to sample one of their burgers.

Annie's burger shack are  known for their crazy, but weirdly delicious combos, like the Elvis (includes peanut and jelly) and the Vermonter (two words: Pancakes, maple syrup.) So if you are looking for an alternative burger (or just a damn tasty one) Annie's is the place for you!


3. Smashburger - Avocado Club

This list wouldn't be complete without a little bit of everyones favourite green fruit (yep its a fruit, who would have thought!) Newcomers to the UK Smashburger have brought over their signature avocado club and we're in love.

Smashburger are famed in the U.S (and now here) for their 'smash' technique, which holds the flavour in the patty to produce mouth watering burgers. To get one of these avo-beauties you'll have to go their their flagship in Milton Keynes, however they are soon to open their next in Brighton for all you southies!

4. Byron - The Byron Burger

For all the burger purists out there, this is the one for you. With just bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onion (and a bit of byron sauce) the Byron Burger is the simplest of all the burgers on the list- but it sure does pack a flavour punch.

Known for their quality of beef and lighter options (you can go bun-free with their 'skinny burgers') Byron are the most 'Chainiest' on this list, but still manage to maintain their quality burger credentials. 

5. Stokey Bear - Angry Bear

Not for the faint hearted, the Angry Bear burger from Stokey Bear comes not just packs a punch, but a wallop and a kick to boot. The 'helluvapiño relish' and 'Ribman #holyf**k sauce' provides the fire to this burger, and is the ultimate burger for those chilli fiends out there. 

6. Bungalows & Bears - Cod's Own

For all those seeking the ~alternative~ burger, Bungalows and Bears have crafted the perfect cod burger. Made simply with Firestone Walker IPA battered cod and a dollop of homemade tartare sauce, the Cod's own is perfect for those looking to try something different for this years National Burger day. Or those who cant decide between getting burgers or fish and chips for dinner #winwin. Head up to Sheffield for this beauty, we'd recommend the double cooked chips on the side for good measure. If meat is what you are after, the Bully Off is a winner too.


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