We worked together with Jonathon Swaine, Marketing Director at Fuller's, to create a brand experience in a travel environment and bring London's Pride to life airside in the new terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. The aim was to offer ‘the Fuller'sexperience’ in a place that is very different from the pub on the street corner. Here he talks about the challenges, lessons and insights gained for the project, and its successful launch this month.  


What were the challenges of creating the Fuller's pub experience in an airport terminal airside?

To distil the essence of Fuller's and its heritage within the environment of one of the most modern airport terminals to be opened. And to give customers the Fuller's experience in an environment that is obviously different to a pub on a street corner and part of the local community. We wanted to keep elements of the ‘old’ and translate them into the ‘new’.

The old established elements being the Fuller's cask ale in the bar, the quality and service and the provenance of the beer brewed 8.3 miles from the runway in our historical site in Chiswick. The new touches that we have added to our pub experience airside include zoning for customers so that they have a library area alongside the bar and a Fuller's App to book tables, travel information etc. Screens have been put overhead in the bar to keep one eye on departure times too.

How does this site differ from other Fuller's pubs?

In every way. There is little natural light in the airside part of the terminal and it’s a bit like creating a pub in a shopping mall. Logistics of running a pub are more challenging too. The customer is in a different mind-set when travelling rather than popping down the local for a pint. It was our job to make the pub experience as relaxed and stress free as possible in a much smaller time frame.

What is special about it?

I think the way we have told our story of 170 years of history and a family run brewery and then giving it relevance in a very modern and exciting environment. It’s a bit like our friends John Lewis who are also opening in the new terminal 2 for the first time and celebrating their 150 years. It shows that London Pride for all its history is still ‘making history’ when the Queen opens the new terminal in June.

Tell us more about the specially created ‘Heathrow beer’ and how this came about?

The new beer is called ‘Wingman’ and is a light golden cask ale especially brewed for the new bar. It will only be available in Terminal 2 and is a worldwide exclusive. It’s a nice touch for the last pint before you leave London.

How do you think Caulder Moore bought the brand to life in an airport environment?

By taking the richness, provenance and heritage of Fuller's, and telling the brand story in a 21stcentury environment. Also working in a different context with a different competitive set than the brand usually operates in. Caulder Moore translated the brand essence of Fuller's for a credible, emotive quality combining new and old elements rather than creating a ‘pastiche’ of a pub airside. The new site allows customers to experience the quality of the Fuller's brand while at the same time making sure they don’t miss their flight. 

As an agency I feel the team really got to understand what Fuller's was about before starting the project. Immersing themselves in the culture and ethos with a tour of the brewery etc so they could really experience our story before telling it through design in the new environment


As a London institution what lasting impression do you want Fuller's to leave as travellers have their last pint before they fly out?

In a small way if customers get to see and feel our story and history. It would be great if we could leave them with ‘a feeling of Fullers’….

How do you think brands can try and capture the romance of travel in a busy airport with many competing demands on a traveller’s time?

I think the most important aspect is too be relaxed in your environment. If travellers are stressed they are not going to feel the ‘romance’ of travel. Small things make a difference - good hospitality, good design, subtle cues that add to the brand experience. Little clever touches of inspiring design that can add an uplifting moment or pleasure to a travellers journey.

What is your favourite aspect of the newly designed Terminal 2?

For Fuller's it’s the re-creation of our iconic brewery gates on site. In the terminal itself I love that they are creating the best possible terminal experience based on Terminal 5. The architecture is impressive with the waved ceiling pattern which creates height, a feeling of space and lots of natural light in the main area of the terminal. It’s a long way from its history.

What do you like about flying from Heathrow?

I like the sense of the unknown about leaving a familiar environment. There is real feeling of excitement too; a feeling of London and that you are part of a hub to the rest of the world. It’s not like flying from Stansted!

What five items do you always pack?

GoPro camera, iPad, a good book (currently reading ‘How will you measure your life by Clayton M Christensen), swimming goggles and Pod casts of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s film reviews.

What is your favourite airport in the world?

Grenada airport. As soon as you touch down there are amazing views, the heat as you land and instantly feeling you are there.  I also like the architecture from the Franco era.

And finally what is your favourite destination?