Valentine's Day

Today is the mandatory day of giving flowers, chocolate and a card to the one(s) you love. Here's some brands that have done things a bit differently for Valentine's day from 2012 till today. 

Durex Ditch the clichés 2016

The condom brand decided to go in a different direction with their valentines campaign, encouraging people to ditch the Valentine’s Day clichés and just have sex. Durex did a survey and found that 49% of Brits didn’t look forward to Valentine’s Day and it also showed that a third wanted more spontaneity in their relationship. 

Innocent Smoothies Personalise a label 2012

Innocent got tired of old school Valentine cards and decided to give people to possibility to create their own label for an Innocent Smoothie, letting people choose between poems, messages or unleashing their inner Casanova and write their own message.

Innocent Smoothies Valentine's Day campaign

Innocent Smoothies Valentine's Day campaign

Starbucks Valentine’s Day collection

Every year Starbucks releases a Valentine’s Day collection of mugs, cups, gift sets and accessories. All in either pink or red and adorned with hearts.

Coca Cola The invisible vending machine 2014

Coca Cola created a virtual vending machine to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The vending machine would only show itself to couples who walked by, the machine would ask for the couples names and send out personalised cans for them. And even though this campaign really make single people feel worse about being alone, you have to admit that this campaign is very cute. 

Coca Colas Invisible vending machine

Not on the high street #Loveyourstory 2014

Not on the high street created a digital campaign where nine couples shared their love stories, which where then featured on their website. As part of this campaign they also asked the public to share their love stories, using the hashtag #loveyourstory.

Tesco Basket dating 2016

Tesco invited 32 singles to participate in a social experiment. They each had to complete a shop for a Friday night, before a psychologist analysed their baskets and paired them up. Five couples decided to go on a mini date set up by Tesco with champagne and a special Valentine’s menu. 

Tesco's Basket dating social experiment

Tesco's Basket dating social experiment

Pandora Love booth 2017

For Valentine’s Day, Pandora has created six love booths that will be located across the country. Customers, who visit these love booths, will be able to create a unique Valentine’s Day card, combining a picture taken of them and a message they write, Pandora will create this card for free.

Oreo Limited edition Red velvet cookies 2015

Oreo created a limited edition cookie, which was red velvet instead of the classic chocolate. There was created six animated videos around the product, where the red velvet cookies are presented as an awkward aphrodisiac that brings strangers together. 

Oreo's red velvet cookie campaign

SnapChat Filters

We are all use to the many different filters Snapchat provides us with, they come in all shapes, both for Halloween, Christmas and as adverts for companies, so we have no doubt that there will be plenty of hearts, kisses and pink colours in the Snapchat filters for Valentine’s Day.

Idris Elba x WE can lead A charity raffle 2017

To raise money for the charity WE can lead, Idris has raffled of a Valentine’s date with himself including champagne and a delicious meal. The Donations started at $10 and would give you a 100 entries, so the more money you donated, the bigger the chance to win.

Idris Elba is looking for a Valentine's Date


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