Caulder Moore Bake Off 2017

The Caulder Moore Bake Off has begun! Every Monday we will take it in turns interpreting the previous weeks baking challenge. The outcome will be tasted and secretly marked resulting in the winner of the prestigious Golden Whisk. We're hoping this year matches last years success, the studio produced a high standard and tough competition with not a soggy bottom in sight.

Week 1: Cake

Lauren kicked off week 1 following the illusion cake theme and boy did she deliver. To our delight it wasn't a severed head or puppy (check out this terrifying Guardian article) but a gigantic peanut and jam sandwich. The bread-like sandwich was actually a peanut butter sponge with a crunchy peanut and raspberry jam filling. The cake was served with a cold glass of 'milk' (double cream). The forthcoming weeks aren't going to be easy on ours hips, to combat this we've invited our office neighbours and even started running home from work. Check back with us next week when Daniela takes on biscuits!


Week 2: Biscuits

After almost continuing last weeks theme Daniela made sandwich...biscuits. These delicious treats consisted of shortbread biscuits and a dulce de leche filling, topped with dark chocolate and peanut brittle. The sweetness of the caramel perfectly complimented the salty peanuts and created a great elevensy (and foursy) tea accompaniment. Check back next week when Irene makes bread, will she rise to the occasion?

21745085_10213598856715810_185070447_o (1).jpg

Week 3: Bread

For bread week Irene made enormous teacakes with a glossy golden finish. These were packed with dried fruits and doubled the size of an inferior, off the shelf teacake. We devoured these toasted and buttered, making the whole studio smell like a heavenly bakery.     

22117957_10213707321547363_1185300519_o (1).jpg

Week 4: Caramel

Rebecca took on delicious caramel week, making a Banoffee marshmallow cake. Beneath two layers of light banana sponge it had a hefty filling of caramel, marshmallow and banana cream. Voted the best birthday cake for 11 to 17 year olds it was definitely a hit with us.


Week 5: Puddings

Hands down Charlotte had the trickiest of weeks so far. Faced with the option of dishing out cold melt in the middle puds or travelling with a trifle, she went with the 80's school classic steam pudding. Cooked like an authentic steam pudding it involved parchment paper, string and steam. Made with suet and packed with raisins, orange and chocolate it was like Christmas came early, literally.


Week 6: Pastry

Last year Katie won The Caulder Moore Bake Off with her fantastic trio of biscuits and this year she didn't disappoint. Faced with pastry week Katie went with a custard and lemon tart aka an XL pasteis de nata with a tangy twist. Katie garnished the dessert with strawberry and mint leaves and even made her own pastry, Mary Berry would be proud.


Week 7: Italian 

For Italian week Suzy made us break your teeth biscotti, the hard and crunchy biscuits are twice-cooked and are perfect for dunking in tea or coffee. (Did you know, the ‘bis’ is Italian for twice and ‘cotti’ for cooked). Suzy made hers with pistachio and chocolate chips and finished by dipping each biscotti in melted dark chocolate and hazelnuts. Bellissimo!


And the winner is...

Unlike actual Bake Off, in the Caulder Moore studio there were no Prue Leith spoilers. The results were kept top secret until the end and finally all is revealed. In third place came Suzy with her Italian biscotti, a close second place was Lauren with her illusion cake and finally *drum roll*... in first place came Daniela with her magnificent shortbread biscuits!