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Connecting beyond the product

We live and breathe brands, big and small – it’s what we do. We design with the customer in mind, translating stories into powerful ways to establish a personal and human connection. Design Director Charlotte Corbett talks about the importance of brand purpose in gaining cut through and stand out in an overpopulated and saturated brand landscape.

We craft seamless customer experiences for our food, fashion, fitness and beauty clients. We uncover fresh relevant insights to drive deeper human connections. There is a significant shift in consumer behaviour, with an emphasis on products and service that support daily routines and reduce stress – welcome to the wellbeing boom. Consumers are increasingly seeking refuge in brands. People want to feel transformed not to continue to collect more things and clutter. Never before has a brand's purpose been so important. “People don’t want to be sold, they want to be inspired.” Beth Comstock, Head of Innovation at GE. Be bold, brave and stand for something!  

Crafting the creative intelligence behind your brand allows the consumer to decide whether you offer a product, service that they can align with. It is no longer good enough to simply sell a product, brands need to inspire consumers to connect - customers that share your purpose are more likely to become brand fans. Consider how you make the customer ‘feel’ beyond simply selling your product. A strong brand purpose means having a distinct brand point of view that becomes the framework of what your company does and doesn’t do. It’s the unique driving force of your company. It aligns business, brand and marketing strategies behind a united goal. Brand consistency communicates authenticity and trust to consumers, an integral first step to securing mindshare.

From  Do Purpose: Why Brands with a purpose do better and matter more  by David Hieatt

From Do Purpose: Why Brands with a purpose do better and matter more by David Hieatt

Motivational speaker and marketing consultant Simon Sinek quotes from his bestselling book Start With Why “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” What he means is that people don’t connect to a company’s products or services. They buy into the reasons why these companies exist. They buy into the idea that a company exists for something larger than themselves. This is what we call creative intelligence – the foundation and rationale to all the design work we do – the emotive connection that attracts like-minded people.

Once your why is established it is time to make your mark on the world. How does this purpose come alive? What does it look like? How does it talk? Who does it speak to? Food, fashion and fitness branded spaces were once clearly defined; today the rule book has been thrown out- hence the arrival of fusion spaces. It’s no longer unusual to discover integrated services alongside product - a juice bar, meditation area, or simply a space where shoppers can de-stress and gather. This boils down to knowing your consumer inside out and identifying what they want to know about you beyond your product. This enables the ability to create a space that connects, a lifestyle space that supports the consumer in their every day life. Brands will buddy up with complementary businesses from multiple other industries beyond retail to offer consumers a truly holistic world of personalised, supportive insights. More than retail systems, these networks will constitute ‘living services’.


We are always on the look out for breakthrough brands, ones that throw out the rulebook and disrupt a market. Focusing on the wellbeing space we discover Deciem, well actually they are pretty hard to miss. Check out The Abnormal Beauty Company founded by Brandon Truaxe. It is evident that this brand is driven by a very clear and confident why - no-nonsense, simple and effective beauty products, a very unusual approach that stands up to the elitist, untouchable beauty world that we know.

“We're founded on the principle of doing everything others don't do and we are changing the world of beauty based on this principle. We knew we wanted to change all things in the beauty market – we decided to do 10 things at once and call ourselves Deciem; coming form Decima, the Latin word for 10 in a sequence.” - Brandon Truaxe

The stand out that the brand has is ground breaking and is creating waves amongst its competitors. Along side a simple, straight talking identity Brandon himself is the face of the brand, allowing personality and transparency to shine through. It has an honest level of accessibility that connects with the consumer and the product. Let the abnormal be the new normal.

Visit Deciem at their first European store at London store at 18 Lamb Street, Old Spitalfields market.

We have collaborated with many brands to discover their why, define their unique creative intelligence and translate this into a memorable experience that will stand the test of time.


In food, we teach consumers to ‘burger better’ as Smashburger launch in the UK, closer to home independently opened Brew Café launched their new venture all day Australian Brasserie Antipodea in Kew Gardens.
“With the UK F&B boom showing no sign of stopping, both established & new concepts from abroad are landing on these shores and are having to rethink how they communicate, celebrating what makes them special to ensure they connect with the UK customer.”  - Laurence, Associate Design Director







In fashion, we bring the magic of Aspinal to the Old quarter in Leeds, (watch this space for Aspinal Regents street) and those aspiring to a glamorous lifestyle look out for the new brand launch of Forever Unique.
“Retail couldn’t be more exciting right now, new groundbreaking flagships are emerging, offering physical venues rooted in in powerful, brand culture. Brands are becoming the hosts with gestures of generosity and escapism adding a new level to their experience.” - Daniela, Designer

Aspinal of London

Aspinal of London

Forever Unique

Forever Unique



In fitness we enjoy the ride with Pure Ride a new concept from Pure Gym and discover the new eco wellbeing escape from Bhuti in Richmond, brainchild of the team behind the luxury Bingham Hotel.
“Restricted time and space are leading to a more focused approach to the fitness market, with gyms specialising in specific activities as well as time conscious workouts. This opens up exciting new opportunities for brands to create flexibility across their portfolio and appeal to different consumers and lifestyles.”  - Suzy, Design Director

Pure Ride

Pure Ride

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…and we continue to work up a sweat with our friends at Sweaty Betty but that’s top secret for now.

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