Hosting London

Be At One are a lively chain of bars in London serving sweet, sour and spicy cocktails alongside mixing master classes. We were briefed to look at re-confirming their brand positioning and change the perception that Be At One is only about special occasions and cocktails.

We immersed ourselves in the business and discovered a unique essence around the idea of ‘effortlessly expert’ service. Be At One were the exceptional hosts of a great night out and hosting London became a robust concept to drive the business forward. 

We looked at applying this consistently across all brand touch points. We created a new brand identity, the existing logo and use of @ created confusion, as it appeared to be an Internet café rather than cocktail bar. The concept had become a little ‘generic’ and had lost the personality and exuberance of the founder’s original vision.


Establishing a sense of discovery, we created a distinctive design language for new sites that could also be layered into existing sites. We ensured to maintain individuality of each site location whilst retaining the Be At One signature.



We introduced a spontaneous, eclectic approach that had characterized their first sites. We enhanced their exterior presence and appeal with new branding and a distinctive colour palette. Layering this in we enhanced the architectural elements and defined the bar as a key focal point, theatre and engine room. We explored ways to inject pace and change within the vertical drinking approach.

Brand Identity, Architectural Planning, Customer Journey, Planning, Environment Design
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