Desirably different with Cara Shoes

Starting out in the late 1800’s under the name Midas shoes and the Turner Brothers Cara shoes was an opportunity to create a more stylish and innovative brand. Opening up two stores in 1986, they now have 8 sites, an online store and supplies 200 independent retailers and boutiques. With many competitors struggling to re-invent themselves it was time Cara seized this opportunity.

Connecting to consumers with a more appealing proposition, a brand that feels an affordable luxury treat as well as extra special experience. Cara’s brief to us was to create a brand vision and signature that would become own-able to the brand and to shape a personality for that defines the “Cara” girl.


The new icon embodies desirability and beautiful simple craftsmanship both identified as key values of Cara shoes. We animated the logo by creating a repeat pattern to allow for a change of pace.

To compliment the new brand logo we created a unique colour palette of dark sea blue, cool grey with a luxe rose gold to provide a feminine touch. This new sensory look was used to create an ownable packaging range and lifestyle look book. Finally this new brand identity has been layered onto the website and social media platforms

We explored the competitive landscape and crafted a unique DNA for Cara with “effortlessly stylish” at the heart. Cara is a girl that aspires to a quality of life for herself and her family, dreaming of an uncomplicated lifestyle. She sees her values and qualities reflected in Scandinavian culture and lifestyle. We looked to realign the brand with this new positioning linking all touchpoints to create an ownable language

We crafted a brand identity based on the geometric forms of the timeless typography. We explored the angles of the letter A to create a dynamic icon. 

Brand Identity, Retail Packaging
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