Caulder Moore GF Bake Off 2018

The Caulder Moore Bake Off has returned for 2018, after a very successful 2016 and 2017 Bake Off, we feel this tradition is worth continuing. There is one slight adjustment for this year's competition, involving the bakers having to create Gluten Free delights. If you weren't lucky enough to witness our Bake Off competition for the last two years here is a quick break down. Every Monday the team will take in turns interpreting the previous week's baking challenge. The outcome will be tasted and secretly marked resulting in the winner of the prestigious Bake Off trophy.

Week 1: Biscuit

Suzy was up first to deliver the famous biscuit round. She had difficulty in the baking process but managed to pull it back by producing some very tasty, ginger cookie sandwiches with lemon mascarpone. The biscuits were made with a lot of love and effort but as you can see from the image not the most Insta-worthy. Will the appearance of these cookies let her down? Next week we have Charlotte, will she step up to the plate? 


Week 2: Cake

It’s Cake week! Charlotte has delivered to the team a chocolate and nut raspberry tray bake, this has been sprinkled with some magical icing sugar. These very light and scrumptious chocolate tray bakes have made this competition very interesting already! With the first two weeks now over how will our third week compare? Irene is up next, will she be able to continue these high standards.


Week 3: Bread

The Bake off bun is out! Irene has created a lovely crispy bun that is soft inside and full of flavour. GF flour sprinkled on top bring the buns to life! With bread week over, we are all looking forward to the the challenging desert week. Freddie is up next week, how will he perform?