is your brand fit for 2019?

It’s that time of year again, embarking on new resolutions that promise greater fitness and wellbeing for the year ahead. We think about how brands can get in ‘shape’ for a prosperous and wealthy 2019.

‘Accelerate brand love’ with our CM Fit 5…

The pursuit to connect with wellbeing and optimise our ‘best selves’ has turned the world of brands upside down, fuelling new behavioural patterns from consumers that are impossible for brands to ignore. Excitingly for us this has led to a fusion of markets where the ‘experiential’ has taken centre stage.

 For us wellbeing is a holistic state of mind, which is why getting straight to the heart of how your consumers feel and identifying what they love about your brand is integral to driving commercial results…

 Follow our fast track to fitness…


Be distinctive and sharpen your focus

Identify the optimal ‘space’ for your brand to ‘accelerate brand love’ and fuel commercial growth. This is anchored in your business strength and expertise, a genuine understanding of potential customers, and the opportunity of the future market. A robust brand positioning sets the distinctive vision and memorable brand experience that consumers will love to discover, love to return to and love to spend more time with.


Self-improvement beyond product

Employ a mindful consideration of mental and physical wellbeing. Consumers are looking for brands to adopt the supportive sell, seamlessly integrating into their daily lives, be a brand mentor or therapist, creating rich connections beyond product. Identify ways to deliver brand generosity and added value that you can wrap around your audience and lock their loyalty into your brand.


Behave with principles and a clear conscience

In a digital age, brands simply can’t hide due to a magnified social presence, which creates a transparent window into how they behave culturally, to each other, and to the planet. Increasing due to consumer demands, brands must not only look good and feel good but they must also do good. Consumers leading busy, chaotic lives look to make brand connections with a view to adopt ‘fewer better things,’ that can support them in leading a sustainable, ethical lifestyle.

Reward a devoted fan base in real time

Being able to adopt a personalised approach has been fast tracked by the availability and analysis of consumer data. Know exactly who your customers are, understand their daily mind sets and missions inside out.  Build a loyal community base by tapping into this behaviour in their day to day lives. Be smart and use this information to engage consumers who crave bespoke, experiences and rewards direct to their mobile whilst on the go.

Be brave, bold and dare to be different

Grasp the new myriad of new opportunities in the market, be experimental and have an appetite to get close to your customers. Build sensorial brand experiences - ‘retail residences’ that ignite and adopt a holistic consumer lifestyle that consumers choose to spend time with.

It is with experiences that bricks and mortar retail really has the opportunity to become the most powerful and measurable media channel available to a brand and the customer experiences that take place there will be the most profitable product a retailer can sell.
— Doug Stephens, The Retail Guru

Let’s chat about how our FIT 5 can ‘accelerate brand love’ for your business…


This week’s headline…

A brave and agile move for Gilette this week who have launched it’s new ad built around their famous slogan ‘The best a man can get’, replacing it with ‘The best men can be’ without a single razor in sight. It celebrates stories of men making a positive impact, alongside ‘toxic masculinity’ and examples how men can ‘better themselves’ and create meaningful change. The P&G owned brand has been both criticised and applauded for this brave stance in creating social change, interesting to see how brands are taking on a broadcasting role and standing up to tackle social issues.


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