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We believe in brands with purpose, it’s as simple as that. We grow ownable brands – that’s our purpose. We are a team of curious thinkers and designers, we craft seamless customer experiences, carving out a unique culture for our clients, to connect with their consumer in a new age.

Design Director Charlotte Corbett talks about the challenge for brands in a world where customers are empowered by digital devices with access to more brands than ever before. In a world of intense connectivity relationships are key, as interactions become more digitised, unlocking a coherent, genuine emotional brand essence is ever more important.

We work with our clients to address key business challenges that convert customer interactions and deliver commercial opportunities. We design with the customer in mind uncovering fresh, relevant insights that define a unique brand essence. We translate stories into powerful ways to establish a personal and human connection– no-one is going to listen to a brand that doesn’t make them ‘feel’ good. We work with brands to articulate their unique brand positioning and believe that behind every great brand there is a story, an emotional essence that extends beyond the product.

We capture this brand essence by unlocking the magic thread that makes a brand stand out, distilling a brand essence acts as a filter for every decision a brand makes – a brand must communicate clarity and consistency across every touch point. It is common for brands to lose their way  - but a revisit to brand purpose and why the brand originated in the first place can be key in re-focusing a brand journey.


So…how do we go about this?

We carry out an immersion process, we are great listeners, we get to know each other inside out and get under the skin of what your brand is about. We do whatever it takes and make sure we know what makes you tick. We believe whole-heartedly in a collaborative partnership and pride ourselves in delivering results to match our client’s ambitions. Together we define a clear brief for the journey ahead – we extract a brand essence and start to bring your story alive.

Alongside getting to know each other, we get to know your competitive space to ensure the emotional territory we carve is unique. The revolution in shopping behaviour is being driven by the pressure of online and offline and how this is informing the role of physical branded spaces. We apply our expert knowledge and draw relevant insights from trends and consumer insights that are shaping the market.

Aldo created a connected store of the future in NYC introducing new scan to try on system

Aldo created a connected store of the future in NYC introducing new scan to try on system

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Consumers lie at the heart of our process and we get to know yours; above all we never lose sight of the consumer. We ensure we know exactly who they are and what inspires them. We delve into consumer minds, exploring their lifestyle and what they would like to know about beyond the product you sell.

We explore how to genuinely capture hearts and minds – ultimately aligning with personal consumer demands with an aim to reduce complexity and effort. There is a “make it mine “ generation of consumers emerging that invest in curating their lives and don’t want to fit into someone else’s mould – they expect brands to craft a personalised relationship.


Brands that don’t just tell consumers what to buy but also show them why a product can make their lives easier in the moment will gain competitive advantage. Consumer’s wants, needs and attitudes change from moment to moment. How do we recognize these moments? How can we connect on an emotional level? How can we win their trust? What inspires and motivates them?

Starbucks  - Starbucks is trialling curbside collection via their app

Starbucks  - Starbucks is trialling curbside collection via their app

The Berkley Fashion Trunk curated is available to guests for an evening

The Berkley Fashion Trunk curated is available to guests for an evening

75% of global consumers expect brands to make a contribution to their quality of life - Havas Media 2017.

Brands are becoming behavioural motivators, taking on an active role that encourages and helps consumers be their best self. - tap into your consumer’s cultural identity - be their guide and educatorInsider status is valued over product, knowledge and being informed by a brand is a weighted currency.

REI  launched a 'opt outside’ campaign on black Friday shutting stores and paying employees to go outside

REI  launched a 'opt outside’ campaign on black Friday shutting stores and paying employees to go outside

We share our discoveries and insights creating a succinct written articulation which crafts ownership - establishing a unique point of difference and defining brand values that shape the brand attitude and integrity. This happens all before any design work starts - a unique brand story is brought to life with an inspired brand essence.

This brand essence becomes the driving force for a brand. It unites leaders of any business with employees – it creates a united vision for success. Everyone in a business should be loyal to a purpose – give your employees a reason to believe - create inspired brand ambassadors who stand shoulder to shoulder in pursuit of the same goal.

Only now do we apply this brand essence to create a visual brand expression, crafting a seamless, multichannel customer experience. – brand signature, brand environment, digital interaction and everything in between. Our design is built on a creative intelligence that builds longevity and sustainable results for our clients – a platform for future growth and return on investment. 

Here are three examples of how we have driven commercial success for our clients:

Antipodea - is the new all-day dining concept from The Brew Café Group. They currently have five London restaurants; we designed the environment for their newest site in Kew. In their existing sites it was a challenge to attract evening diners - our main objective was to create an offer based on the element of all-day dining, layering in new elements, such as the addition of different lighting moods for day and evening. The transformation in trading means that we will be layering the new approach into the existing estate.

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Blow - Blow Ltd is a new fast beauty concept that is a total reinvention of beauty service and retail in the UK (the Uber of beauty, as its often refered as.) Its mission is to make beauty fast, fun and accessible. We were tasked as the design brains to come up with a brand identity and interior to bring the concept to life. High-end NY fast food restaurants inspire the environment of Blow Ltd.’s first Fast Beauty Bars in Covent Garden and Canary Wharf. Slick graphics and playful use of technology for the electronic menu, twitter feed and ‘live’ magazine on-site use high-tech to give a low-tech vibe. The business has recently been invested in by the likes of Unilever and ASOS, of which are helping the business to grow and launch their on-demand beauty services app nationwide and internationally.

Barney's app

Barney's app


Gina Shoes – is a luxury British footwear brand. We have a long-standing relationship with Gina Shoes , expanding their stores in the UK and globally further afield. Gina Shoes to date have a reputation for being an occasion wear brand, although they have an expansive trainer wear collection for everyday wear. We re-visited their essence of “stylish sophistication” with a view to influence this perception and capture a wider, younger international audience. We layered this thinking into our re-design of the flagship store for Sloane Street. The store is a perfect aesthetic to reconnect to the contemporary discerning customer in a modern luxurious, yet relaxed space. Based on the compelling store design and success of our collaboration to date Gina Shoes are undergoing global expansion plans.

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Gina Shoes

Gina Shoes

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Together let’s uncover your emotional essence…