Friday Favourites: Wellness

The wellness economy is undergoing an unstoppable momentum and is providing opportunities in every sector. For this week's Friday Favourites we were prompted to consider wellness in our own lives and how this holistic attitude by osmosis is effecting us. What is making us feel happy and healthy?


My wellness Friday Favourite is plants, particularly the beautiful new office plants we acquired this week. A study showed that just one plant per work space can provide a large lift to staff spirits, and so promote wellbeing and performance. Our new office plants not only look great but are pretty nifty air purifiers too. I love the uplifting feel greenery adds to any space.



Everyone seems to be talking about wellness and mindful moments, brands working hard to see how they can connect beyond product and encourage us to be our best self.

I stole my very own piece of wellness last week, a well awaited week off from the chaos and juggling of life. I enjoyed an aromatherapy experience and fell in love with Aromatherapy Associates Rose Body Cream. It literally made me feel on top of the world recognising the true power of true essential oils and the incredible therapeutic effects they can have on the mind.

Feeling refreshed and relaxed…for how along who knows.



I'm loving the new HJÄRTELIG collection from Ikea not only is it beautiful, natural materials and earthy colours but it hopes to press the “pause” button on a daily life that’s often hectic and complicated and reconnect you with nature and yourself! 

Launching in April 2018 Ikea is the latest retailer to go after a slice of the growing wellness market.  



My Friday Favourite for this weeks theme is my beloved Hydrate M8 water bottle. I’m absolutely dreadful at drinking water and hardly ever reach the recommended two litres a day. This particular bottle is great at encouraging a more consistent water intake through the day. It also has a drinking schedule on the front and a cool motivational quote on the front of the bottle. ‘This is not Gin’ is on mine! A must have product from me. 



I've made every excuse this Winter to not to go for a run afterwork, mostly due to it being too cold, dark and dangerous, especially because my best route would be by the canal. My Friday Favourite is a discovery I made this week from my area's Facebook group, solving my dilemma there's a local runners group that run every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm.

There is a growing trend of communal activities as being in a group can heightened a sense of wellness. For example Tokyo clothing brand En Route caught onto this a while ago, organising weekly runs, offering showers and maps recommending local running route. Not only is there safety in numbers but motivation, I'm going to struggle to make an excuse now.