Larry Bell - White Cube Bermondsey 

Situated in the beautifully minimalist White Cube, Larry Bell's exhibition 'Smoke On The Bottom' is on until 18th June. Also a minimalist and illusionist the pair are a match made in heaven and we couldn't wait to explore.

Bell's work uses a unique coating process he formulated himself, creating a similar effect to spilled petrol on tarmac. The frames have a kaleidoscope of colours and look unearthly futuristic, fooling your eyes with their depiction of depth. The sculpture of glass sheets have also been coated with the same treatment and with subtle gradients. As you walk through the space it creates a multitude of never-ending reflections that move in different directions. It is evident through Bell's inquisitive work that experimentation and process are key in his forms.

The treatment that gives the work a dramatic, surreal experience wouldn't look out of place in a sleek and modern store. Collaborations between luxury fashion brands and fine artists are a long established tradition and enhance brand perception. Some high street and malls are taking note from this as the collaborations create conversation, fuelling social-media and online communities. With brands increasingly debuting exhibition-style 'introspectives', we wonder if we'll see this type of art in-store soon. 

White Cube Bermondsey
144 – 152 Bermondsey Street
London, SE1 3TQ