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With Christmas fast approaching there is an abundance of store's wanting to tempt consumers to treat others and themselves. We took a visit and looked at what some brands are doing to stand out...

#01 Garbstore - Creating an exhibition space for sneakerheads
The Notting Hill based brand Garbstore, have opened their second store in Covent Garden. It feels fairly similar to the West London store with a minimal and lifestyle aesthetic. However the difference being downstairs where it turns half store, half Reebok exhibition. After years of working together, Garbstore have paid tribute to Reebok with a designated space that displays ten original trainers, including a pair used to run a marathon. The store calls out a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity as well as mastering the retro rewind as transferrable takeaways.

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#02 Browns East - Translating Browns for a Shoreditch consumer
The cult luxury store Browns have opened its doors to East London, its first bricks and mortar store to open for 20 years. Absorbing the creativity and quirks of it's neighbourhood the design will be constantly changing and flexible. The contemporary retail space is gender-neutral and eliminates the barriers between menswear and womenswear. The store also offers a curated selection of multimedia artwork and a marble-clad café.


#03 Sonos - Creating a social space to test product
Sonos have opened their first UK store in Covent Garden. Comparative to Apple's sleek stores and genius bar, Sonos greet you with personable experts and offers a creative space to test and try out in product. The environment rebels from the clinical looking expectations of technology. The listening booths have been designed by local artists and allow customers to experience ‘multi-room listening’. Customers can control speakers, listen to each one in isolation and select their own music to play in the space. The home-like environments fitted with seating and props create an approach different from the usual shopping of electronics and allows intimacy with the product. Downstairs there is also a small event space with seating for customers to lounge on while they listen to talks or musical performances. Sonos say the store will host exhibitions showcasing local creatives and musicians throughout the year.

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#04 Carhartt - Encapsulating a brand for fans
The Carhartt store opened in Kings Cross with an exhibition and live music performances in partnership with LAW magazine to mark the 100th anniversary of the chore coat. The store epitomises Carhartt as a brand, demonstrating their utility aesthetic and roots in honest labour. It uses mixed wood, concrete and raw duck canvas in warms tones of deep brown and tan – taking inspiration from iconic Carhartt WIP garments. The brand logo is used abstractly throughout for hang rails, exterior seating and graphic application. The store also features a custom built cafe bar, offering a change of pace with gloss finishes. 

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