Places & space - Copenhagen

This month it's all about Copenhagen, which isn't a coincidence, we have quite a few ties to Denmark in the Caulder Moore office. So here's our favourite places & spaces in the capital of hygge. 

Mikkeller Bar

Originally and still is a brewery, with different breweries across the United States, around Europe and in Denmark, with a beer bar in Copenhagen. At the bar you’ll find a selection of beer on tap, most of them Mikkellers own, but they also have cheese, snacks, meats and bottled beer. This beer bar has even converted one of our employees into liking beer, that’s quite an accomplishment.



With a focus on the classical Italian kitchen, especially pasta, this laid back and informal Italian restaurant is a good edition to the Copenhagen food scene. They want it to be somewhere you just stop by, without to much fuss. They also have a good selection of Italian wines. It’s basically just good and inexpensive food.



It’s not only Germans who can claim sausages as theirs. In Denmark there has been food trucks dedicated to sausages for a long time, either as a open hot dog with all the garnish or a French hot dog. This one is a more modern version, with organic produce. There’s also an organic range of soft drinks, but nothing goes better with a hot dog than Cocio chocolate milk.


Ved Stranden 10

Ved Stranden 10 is a combined wine bar and shop, well stocked and varied selling bottles, boxes and glasses of wine. The wine bar is separated into four rooms; one has a wine shop and three living rooms, decorated with comfortable inventory. They don’t have a permanent wine menu, but encourages you to explore and be inspired. They focus on natural wines from small top producers.

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Copenhagen Opera house

Located on the island of Holmen, it’s was gifted to the state of Denmark by Maersk McKinney Moeller, and designed by Henning Larsen. It’s right on the edge of the water overlooking the Queens of Denmark’s residence. Apart from opera, the Opera House has been used for comedy and ice shows.


Copenhagen street food

Copenhagen street food is located on paper island (or papirøen in Danish) right next to the Opera House. Copenhagen street food is located in an old warehouse, and is filled with food stalls from different countries, there’s also desserts and cocktails/ beer. During the summer the space outside, which is right next to the water is filled with people, eating, drinking and enjoying the sun. The concept is that every stall has a dish for 50kr (£5.50-ish) so that there’s something for everyone.

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Amager Strandpark – the beach

In 2005 they rebuilt the beach and created an artificial island, which leaves a lagoon between the island and the original beach. The beach is divided into two sections, the northern, which is more a natural beach setting with sandy beached and low dunes and the southern end offers a broad promenade, grass areas and spaces for picnics and ball playing. There are also little kiosks running along the beach and a café. You can rent kit for kite surfing, kayaking and SUP surfing. During the summer the grass areas will transform into a one-day festival.

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Bar 7

Located very central in Copenhagen, Bar 7 does really good cocktails, like you could be lucky and get sweets with you cocktail! And the atmosphere is really amazing. They embrace change, so they’ve been through different interiors through their 9 years and change their cocktail menu often.



You know when you look at pictures of Copenhagen and you see all those small cute colorful houses, well that’s Grønnegade. Other really good shopping streets surround the street, so don’t limit you explorations to this one street only. On Grønnegade you’ll find Kassandra, which sells high end accessories, Pure Shop dedicated to organic beauty products and Fil de Fer, a French inspired interior shop.

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Royal Smushi Cafe

Located next to Royal Copenhagen in a backyard, the café serves authentic Danish open-faced sandwiches, which are bite size, so you can try a variety and the best hot chocolate! The food is served on Royal Copenhagen porcelain, George Jensen cutlery and sitting on Arne Jacobsen chairs. So well worth a visit for a massive dose of Danish-ness.

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