Places & spaces - Food

This time we're focusing on some of our favourite places that has served us food all over the world. 

Caffe Etc. Los Angeles

This was a favourite when living in LA for two weeks and conveniently living around the corner. Every morning breakfast was ate here, the interior is nothing special, but they have a wide range of healthy breakfast and lunch offers, which gave the ability to switch it up every day. Other than that the service was amazing and we felt really welcomed every morning.


Pom & Flora Stockholm

This very small café is French inspired and is located right next to the park. In here it’s all day breakfast with healthy dishes such as chia pudding, smoothie bowls and the Scandinavian favourite avocado on rye.


W - der Imbiss Berlin

Unique Indian-Mexican dishes with a Hawaiian twist you'll want again and again. The 'W' ironically is the McDonald's 'M' upside down and prides itself in healthy and fresh meat free food. We ordered fish tacos, curry-in-a-hurry and their signature naan. The place was super busy with a lot of tables having reserved signs so we felt lucky to get a seat. 


The Brooklyn Diner New York

If you’re in New York and feel like a typical diner experience, then head to The Brooklyn diner and don’t worry you don’t have to leave Manhattan to go there. The interior is classic diner style with leather booths, neon lights and lots of wood. The menu boasts of classics, such as buttermilk pancakes, hot dogs and burgers.

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Mazel Tov Budapest

Located in the Jewish Quarter in an abandoned brick building, that still appears deserted from the outside. On the inside it’s completely different, the owners has created a new kind of ruin bar with fruit filled cocktails, healthy food and cool cultural programs. The big skylight and the tree shaded seating area in the back create a fun yet relaxed atmosphere.


Skur 33 Oslo

Located right by the harper over looking the cool Aker Brygge this oversized shed (Skur) has exposed brick and a rustic interior. They specialise in seafood with an Italian twist.

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