One of my favourite exhibitions this year has been at the Hayward Gallery seeing The Infinite Mix: Contemporary Sound and Image. It was surprisingly free but gathered a queue that may have deterred some. The completely immersive exhibition brought together audiovisual artworks in a exploration of a wide range of subjects. In all of the works the interaction between moving image and sound was crucial. Here are my top three pieces:

Cyprien Gaillard - Nightlife (2015)

This is crazy 3D film and audio installation shot at night over a period of two years in Cleveland, Los Angeles and Berlin. It features the deranged swaying of windblown trees coming alive in dark LA streets and a fireworks display above Berlin. Gaillard chooses to shoot ‘natural’ landscapes, architecture and public space, intensifying this with a looped soundtrack. 

02-Cyprien-Gaillard-Still-from-Nightlife (1).gif

Kahlil Joseph - m.A.A.d (2014)

The dual-screen film installation m.A.A.d. is a contemporary portrayal of the people and streets of Compton, inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 album good kid, m.A.A.d city. Some of the footage is actually of a young Kendrick Lamar, filmed by his uncle in 1992. This is distorted and cut with his own work, police footage and Kendrick’s powerful narration. The dual-screen makes the experience seriously impressive and made me think when can this be introduced into mainstream cinema?

download (1).png

Ugo Rondinone - THANX 4 NOTHING (2015)

THANX 4 NOTHING is a poem written on beat poet Jon Giorno’s 70th birthday. He looks back on his life with humour and satirical wit and delivers it in a dynamic and theatrical way. Surrounded by 4 large screens with smaller screen scattered around the floor, the shots varied from long to intimate close ups with high speed editing changing the background and his suit from black to white.

download (2).png