The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945

This exhibition will certainly evoke you with new house goals that are going to be difficult to achieve. It’s the first major UK exhibition to offer a look at Japanese domestic architecture from the Second World War to now, profiling over 40 architects. The journey of Japanese architecture is consuming and diverse, with focus shifting from economical, sustainable to experimental fun.

It includes a full-size recreation of the prize-winning Moriyama House and a beautiful film by Beka and Lemoine, showing the owner Yasuo Moriyama at home there. Referred to as a 'modern hermit', the 79 year old is perfectly content in his private universe. He enjoys music and art but most of all reading. The floor to ceiling glass windows provide the most wonderful light and there is a lot of footage of Moriyama hanging out, perched or lay down to find the perfect spot to read in the breeze. Through subtitles you witness the language barrier between Moriyama and the film-maker and the sweet moment they share a can of beer in two small glasses. It captures the simplicity of life and the enjoyment of treasured belongings, making you ask yourself, if you don't love it do you need it?

Quirky and eccentric Moriyama embodies the feel of the show. Keep an eye out for Kazumasa Yamashita’s Face House, Takamitsu Azuma’s Tower House and how the lighting changes throughout an hour.