Animating the fish

Weird Fish are a lifestyle clothing and accessories retailer based in the UK. The brand was born in 1993 in Cornwall, and hence has always had a sense of the seaside around the iconography and imagery. However, in order to move the business on and broaden appeal the company are moving to a more inclusive positioning of ‘wear the weekend’ wherever that might be, beside the sea, in the country, discovering a market town, camping or ‘glamping’.

Wear the weekend is a state of mind, an attitude that the brand can ‘own’, in its own unique, Weird Fish way. The brief was to ensure that the Weird Fish brand expresses the spirit of the brand and delivers an experience, which is memorable, fun, inviting, with a strong sense of discovery. The first part of this journey involved evolving the brand identity and signature to reflect the new brand essence.


We explored a new logotype to work in line with this new lifestyle vision that felt pre-grooved, outdoorsy smooth and casual. We developed an emotive colour palettethat encompassed an uplifting breath of fresh air. The new colour palette provided greater creative flexibility and change of pace. This new branding celebrated the product craft, quality and creativity of the brand whilst building confidence in the brand name. This new brand equity allows Weird Fish to move to the next level and move ahead with future expansion plans.

The existing branding lacked the style and aspiration of a premium lifestyle brand. We understood that the fish is a vital part of the brand identity, however, equally the current execution was not consistent with the core values of, comfort, lived in, grooved in and relaxed. We explored softening the aesthetic articulation of the fish, we removed the backbone to create a more streamlined and symmetrical icon. This simplification allowed for greater animation in print, product and digital. We also reviewed the placement of the fish, allowing the logotype to breathe creating a balanced brand hierarchy.

Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines
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