navigating a new world





Brand Strategy

Brand Environment


Creating a new brand chapter for the world’s largest map retailer.


After 100 years in the same prestige London location, this iconic brand needed to move on. Move onto and into a new retail experience for a new audience of travel nomads and adventurers.



Celebrate the Stanfords historical explorers DNA through a contemporary, metropolitan, emporium aesthetic. Welcome customers with a double height ‘illuminated wall’ of Globes from classic to digital showcasing a world of discovery; past, present and future. Honour the unfolding wonder of paper maps with communal sharing tables. Mix Maritime history with coffee, travel books with on-demand printing and world travel events with world travel dreams.

The result… the next chapter of Stanfords. 

The challenge:  A digital audience travelling in a digital landscape. How to make 160 years of unsurpassable heritage relevant, distinctive and compelling?

Answer:  Have the courage to embrace it!