Personalised artistry 

We worked alongside the team at Internationally renowned, award-winning hair salon Trevor Sorbie to create the future vision and salon experience for the future. Securing a site in Dubai the brief involved creating a benchmark salon for imminent global expansion, a blueprint that could be rolled out across future expansion plans whilst reflecting location and target market. We immersed ourselves in the brand and identified an original and fearless artistic quality at the heart of the business - innovation and creativity coupled with superb technical skill. 

Spending time with key stakeholders and the infamous artistic team soon identified an organic, magnetic creative culture. This was evidently a brand delivering a purpose beyond hairdressing  - loyal clients, educating in the industry, photoshoots and fashion shows. We without a doubt needed to celebrate the youthful, living and breathing artistic spirit and allow the consumer to discover this distinctive passion. 



The supporting signature includes bespoke charcoal drawings that are inspired by the team and the distinctive style each person is celebrated for. The colour palette is simply charcoal and white, with a view to add colour on site specific locations. The signature is youthful and edgy celebrating the energetic artistic team vision with a view to also attract a more youthful consumer.



It was immediately evident that the branding and the salon design were not aligned with this distinctive proposition. The new brand vision brings to life creativity through the concept of ‘Personalised Artistry’ and is applied across all brand touch-points. We created a new brand logo with typography reflecting a new editorial, fashion inspired approach, identifying Trevor Sorbie as the editors of taste. We discovered an artistic expression in the original hairstyles created by the team, a real, original and fearless craft, we immediately felt this should be brought to the forefront of the brand.

An informal bar and lounge area encourages clients to meet pre/post appointments, as well as being a relaxed environment to conduct a consultation.  Digital screens play out the latest looks, catwalk shows and behind the scene footage of their stylists at work.  A material palette of modern urban luxe, with soft greys and pink, are interplayed with industrial finishes as well as planting, bringing the outside in.  The design language is inspired by the idea of the artist’s studio, from the photographer’s studio to the simplicity of the artist’s easel.

Caulder Moore created a salon environment that encourages the gathering of people under an inspiring host.  Moving away from the traditional salon approach, the Trevor Sorbie team were keen to create an experience with hospitality at it's heart, reflecting the artistic and creative spirit of their brand. 

The Bristol salon offers 16 styling stations with distinctive zones, from individual stations that create an intimate one on one experience, to communal styling tables that encourages social conversation between clients and stylists.

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