Bringing all-day Aussie dining to London

Brew, renowned for their fresh take on Australian cuisine has 5 existing restaurants around London. In 2016 they launched new all day Australian brasserie in Kew Gardens. We worked closely with the team at Antipodea to bring the new restaurant concept to life, embedding a true sense of locality into every element of the design. Following the success of this site we have designed the newest site in the Antipodea portfolio, located on Richmond High Street.

This concept has followed in the footsteps of Kew in regards to the concept, however rather than linking to botanical gardens, we have found inspiration in the natural locality of Richmond woodlands and parks, whilst still keeping the Australian heritage & ethos. 




Arrive into relaxed Bali style seating and large ceiling raft with abundance of planting, moving into the bar area, with rich dark green leather and marble to create a more premium space for evening cocktails. Towards the back of the restaurant a warm dining area with a woodland velvet canvas and signature fireplace with views into the kitchen. 




Key to Antipodea’s offer is the element of all-day dining. This was achieved by the addition of different lighting moods for day and evening, and applying a more elevated style to the bar area. The materials within the space are rich, earthy and honest evoking whilst also taking inspiration from owner Jason Wells’ native Australia, with relaxed atmosphere and great quality food at the heart. Site architecture means the restaurant is divided into three areas. Existing architecture houses a large kitchen and dining area at the back of the restaurant.

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- Antipodea Richmond coming soon -


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