How to revitalise a 200 year old department store

de Gruchy was founded in 1810, and for over 200 years de Gruchy has enjoyed a unique status within Jersey, with a history of being in a premium position in the town, the business retains key destination status not just for locals but also for visitors to the island. de Gruchy’s core customer is females aged 30-65 who lead a comfortable lifestyle, who are seeking luxurious and unique products and experiences to further enrich their full lives. 

As part of the brands £15 million investment our brief was to reinvent the customer experience and retail environment for de Gruchy and re-establish the department store as Jerseys premier destination for fashion, accessories and beauty.

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Following the planning and customer journey piece we then delved into reinventing the store environments. With a mixture of the old and the new, we crafted a new store environment for de Gruchy. For the new we integrated moving image P.O.S and interactive touchscreens, as well as using metal and glass fixtures and fittings to add a modern, clean aesthetic. For the old we took inspiration from de Gruchy’s signature pattern and integrated that into the architectural landmarks of the building- metal fret cut pattern panels divided key zones, we also used the pattern across backdrops behind till points and on buckheads.

The overall theme for the store was ‘Timeless Elegance’ which we achieved with the subtle use of modern touches, whilst respecting and bringing out the architecture and historical elements of the building itself. The instore communications were a natural next step for us to collaborate with de Gruchy on. All of this was captured in a brand guidelines document, which covers all touchpoints of the de Gruchy brand. 

The first stage in this project was to dig deep into the existing planning and customer journey, looking at the zoning, key areas of circulation and location of product areas. From our research and working with the team at de Gruchy we were able to deliver a brand new store layout that was based all around the de Gruchy customer- they way that they interact with the store environment, their journey through the store and their behaviour in an department store environment.

We worked with de Gruchy on their architectural strategy, store layout and reconfiguring the circulation points within the site to maximise the effective use of each of the zones and provide the richest customer experience possible. This meant moving the womenswear to the first floor, adding in a brand the new ‘fast beauty’ zone and moving the escalators into the middle of the store, creating a beautiful dual-facing central focus point in the store. These changes amongst others have given the department store a completely unique and simple to navigate customer journey that is natural and in keeping with their target markets behaviours.



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