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Revitalising London's oldest independent perfumery

We created a new brand identity for Les Senteurs, London's oldest independent perfumery founded in 1984. Dedicated to the art of perfumery, Les Senteurs seek out the best scents from around the world. Built on an established, reputable family heritage it was time for Les Senteurs to revitalise the brand signature.

We recognised the brand equity and heritage within the existing identity, however it lacked clarity, confidence and was restrictive in usability. We reflected the sensorial, creative and crafted attributes of the brand in our design evolution.

Addressing the hierarchy we re-aligned the icon, we gave the brand name the breathability and status it deserved. We simplified the icon to 3 floral bulbs, refining the curves, focusing on fluidity and balance. The icon is controlled, crafting the roses for an overall consistent feel, while ensuring the petals and leaves still felt organic. Representing the perfume essence, the signature droplet was applied larger at a dynamic angle.


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The retail packaging and brand stationery has a tactile approach; with the tonal palette and gold foil creating a premium and luxury feel emulating the exclusive Les Senteurs brand experience.

Alongside this we introduced a new sophisticated and luxurious tonal colour palette allowing for creativity and surprise. The outcome was a sensitive evolution creating an identity that Les Senteurs’s loyal following would recognise.

Retail Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Retail Packaging

- Environment coming soon -


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