How to revitalise a well known Dim Sum brand

Ping Pong is a contemporary approach to dim sum. Handcrafted by specialist chefs the menu features dim sum delicacies, contemporary cocktails and aromatic teas in a modern setting. They have a chain of restaurants in London, with a recent opening in Dubai. We showed how the brand, positioning and communication could be better aligned to match the essence of ‘little steamed parcels of deliciousness’. New positioning draws on Chinese cultural references with a primary soft red palette with green tones, and charcoal grey and beige for texture.

Icons were designed to clearly define the zones of the restaurants – dim sum, cocktails and teas. A roundel identity reflects the beginning and the end of the New Year in Chinese symbolism, with the lettering readable from all sides. A new photography language was also created for menus and promotions.



Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, In-store Communication
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Ping Pong 'Dim Summer'

Promotional collateral was designed to be in keeping with the festival theme covering menus, window dressing, posters and wristbands, branded Polaroids and a drinks reward card in the style of a concert ticket.

We created a ‘Dim Summer’ promotional campaign which took its inspiration from the music festival scene which is a big part of an English summer. The vibrant design uses abstract florals to evoke sunshine, with a faded retro style tint.

Ping Pong A/W

A ‘Let's do Lunch’ campaign for Autumn focuses on the health benefits and the seasonality of the Ping Pong menu. A rich red gives a warmness to reflect the menu for the coming colder months inspired by the colours of the season. 

Photography highlights ingredients like cinnamon sticks and pomegranate which add flavour to new additions on the drinks menu. The campaign uses a retro tint to match the styling of other promotions.

Ping Pong Christmas

Restaurants adorned with an array of lanterns, baubles and paper bows, not to mention mini gift boxes and personalised chopsticks gave a festive feel with a twist.

East meets West-field. A beautiful snowflake fretwork design gives an Eastern flavour to the season, encouraging diners to sample ‘little sparkling parcels of discovery’ for dim sum party menus this year.


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