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Brand transformation for the pioneers of athleisure and stylish wellbeing. Moving the business from multibrand ‘curatorship’ to own brand ‘authorship’

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Creating a new iconic brand identity. A distinctive, versatile mark inspired by the negative space within the letters of the S and B. An iconic badge to ignite the hearts and minds of the international Sweaty Betty tribe across a diverse and rapidly growing ‘own brand’ product range and associated retail environments.  


No1 Carnaby Street, the new flagship retail destination for the Sweaty Betty brand. Three floors of food, fashion and fitness re-affirming the SB brand as the pioneers of athleisure. More than just a retail system, a destination store.


A cohesive, lifestyle driven brand world, anchored in ‘wrap around’ wellness. Driven by the needs and desires of the SB woman ‘beyond fitness’ and layered against the wider context of personalised transformation.

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A retail showcase for a new, ownable brand signature aesthetic. A truly holistic world beyond fitness, that champions beautiful technical, London cool and most importantly the sense of fun within the brand. A balance of green juice and cocktails. No ifs, just good butts!